Stay Safe Kit Distribution to all 1RTC employees, financial assistance, and shuttle service provision

On March 16, 2020, the President announced the placement of the entire Luzon to “Enhanced Community Quarantine” (ECQ) due to the global pandemic caused by the COVID-19 outbreak that continuously devastates the country. This affects not just individuals but also businesses from small to large enterprises. Like other countries, the Philippines have experienced difficulties in fighting the threat of COVID-19. 

Despite the unforeseen financial losses and uncontrollable challenges, 1Rotary Trading Corp. focuses on protecting and helping their employees during these trying times. To ensure the safety of 1RTC employees, they launched the “Stay Safe Program” which aims to not only protect the health of employees, but also to educate them about the proper workplace guidelines and reduce the risk of spreading the virus.


1Rotary Trading Corp. Stay Safe Kit distribution consists of alcohol, vitamins, body thermometer, face mask and safety glasses to all 1RTC employees.

To help prevent the spread of the virus and implement strict hygiene protocols among its employees, 1RTC distributed the Stay Safe Kit that includes washable face mask, safety glasses, body thermometer, vitamins, and alcohol with unlimited refill.

In hopes of further maintaining the rigorous hygiene and safety protocols in the office, they increased the sanitation process such as placing a shoe sanitizing mats and alcohol stand dispensers before entering the office premises, placed air purifiers in each department rooms and deployed a cleaning personnel that conducts regular cleaning and disinfection activities throughout the facilities. 


Mass transportation and daily commuting has been extra challenging to most of the workforce given the situation that the pandemic has caused. Most modes of transportation is slim to none, while some operates in a limited capacity due to the new normal. 1Rotary decided to extend their help among its warehouse and branch personnel in the provision of bicycles. The main goal is to counter commuting problems caused by the pandemic. The company shouldered 15% of the total cost and gave eligible staff an installment payment option to alleviate the burden of paying them in full. 1RTC also provided free shuttle services to its office employees to ensure that their safety in coming to and from work is always prioritized.

1Rotary’s commitment to their employees remain consistent in ensuring the wellness will always be a priority.