• Candidate must possess at least Bachelor’s Degree in Engineering (Industrial), Mathematics, Economics, or equivalent.

    • At least 5 years of working experience in demand planning is required.

    • Candidates should have experience in FMCG, Retail, or any consumer goods-based industry.

Job description

The Demand Planning Manager is responsible for all forecasting activities associated with products, channels, and depots. He/she has to ensure a corresponding supply and purchasing plan, with periodic replenishment to the depots to attain sales and inventory level targets.

  • Generates a sound & accurate statistical demand forecast per SKU bucketed into weeks, months, channel, depot, brand & category;
  • Drives coordination meetings with Marketing, Sales, Operations & Supply Chain partners to concertize the demand plan and corresponding building blocks in supporting the fiscal year targets; this should embed recovery plans in the succeeding months for missed monthly targets of the previous month/s.
  • Places blanket PO timely to principals based on approved demand plan with staggered delivery & working capital constraints.
  • Reviews, recommends & complies with inventory policies (M/EOQ, TIL, ROP, Safety stock, ABC classification) for FSL replenishment, periodic distribution & order fulfillment processes at a controlled &/or approved cost.
  • Plans adjustments in both short term and long term plans based on surges (increase and decrease) in demand, unexpected shortages in material supply, and environmental & industry risks (like typhoons, port congestion).
  • Escalates the management of the current and potential product shortages and develops a quick recovery plan. Monitors and close-loop with partners until completion of action plans. Be on top of any issues that concern the supply.
  • Responds to all inquiries concerning demand, inventory, and other sales & marketing concerns.
  • Maintains product freshness; Pro-act on potential excess, near expiry, slow-moving and obsolete stocks to Trade Marketing/Sales for banding and promotions. Resolve high Minimum Order Quantity relative to low demand.
  • Supports New Product Introduction in achieving goals on Sales Attainment, Forecast Accuracy, Inventory levels, reorder points, lead times & process stability.
  • Plans a phase-in/phase-out of SKUs and ensures crisp communication to sales to minimize unserved.
  • Arranges and processes the return of defective products to suppliers.
Work Location: Tower 1, Suite 1018 High Street South Corporate Plaza, 26th St, Taguig
Dress: Corporate Attire (Company Uniform)
Office Hours: 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM
Days: Mondays to Saturdays (Half day)



  Developing purchasing strategies that are inventive and cost-effective.

  Sourcing and engaging reliable suppliers and vendors.

  Negotiating with suppliers and vendors to secure advantageous terms.

  Review existing contracts with suppliers and vendors to ensure ongoing feasibility.

  Building and maintaining long-term relationships with vendors and suppliers.

  Approving purchase orders and organizing and confirming delivery of goods and services.

  Performing risk assessments on potential contracts and agreements.

  Controlling the procurement budget and promoting a culture of long-term saving on procurement costs.

Job description

  In charge of the full system development life cycle of application systems and databases.
    • Handles the maintenance, support, and upgrade of existing applications.

    • Ensures high-quality project development and on-time project completion.

    • Creates a detailed user guide for completed projects.

    • Responsible for analyzing, validating, and recommending solutions to assigned user concerns and requests.

Work Location: Tower 1, Suite 1018 High Street South Corporate Plaza, 26th St, Taguig
Dress: Corporate Attire (Company Uniform)
Office Hours: 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM
Days: Mondays to Saturdays (Half day)